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New year, new LOWA PROFES­SIONAL collection. Hereafter is an overview of the LOWA PROFES­SIONAL novelties presented this year.

Another exciting year announces itself at LOWA PROFES­SIONAL. Entirely new product families and tech­no­logies made their way into the collection, whilst the promise of quality and a perfect fit remains unchanged.

The ZEPHYR GTX WORK joins its legendary occu­pa­tional shoe siblings and perfectly complements the existing product family with three new shaft versions. Thanks to its all-round protection with puncture-resistant sole, composite toe cap and high-quality split leather, it is ready for any job.

With its slender design, light weight and outs­tanding comfort, the LOWA ZICON® is ideal for police and security forces. The model also has an ESD-compliant construction, making it ideal for use in envi­ronments with sensitive tech­nology.

Probably the fastest shoe from LOWA PROFES­SIONAL is the FORTUX. Whether for training or stylish leisure use in civilian clothes, this sportive companion can be relied upon.

The shoes will be available in stores in the second half of 2024.

ZEPHYR GTX WORK: Safety redefined

Complex terrain such as overgrown paths or full ware­houses always pose a risk. Dangerous objects on the ground are often not imme­diately visible. This is where the ZEPHYR GTX WORK comes into play: the safety revo­lution in the legendary family of work shoes sets new standards and can defi­nitely keep up with the classic models.

All-round protection is guaranteed: from below, the puncture-resistant midsole prevents sharp-edged objects from entering the shoe. The upper material impresses with a mixture of parti­cularly high-quality and hard-wearing suede leather as well as CORDURA®. The latter convinces with its abrasion-resistant and brea­thable properties. Inside the shoe, the GORE-TEX membrane creates an efficient, waterproof, and brea­thable barrier that keeps out moisture from the outside but allows dampness to escape from the inside, creating a comfortable shoe climate. The features go on and on: the stable yet light­weight composite toe cap creates an extra layer of safety between the envi­ronment and the inside of the shoe.

However, the safety concept of the ZEPHYR GTX WORK is not simply a one-way street. The ESD-compliant design also protects the surroundings. Parti­cularly sensitive elec­tronic components such as semi­con­ductors can be damaged or even destroyed by elec­tro­static discharges.

The raised LOWA-MONOWRAP® frame picks up on the popular design of its ZEPHYR relatives and offers optimum stability and comfort. The slip-resistant LOWA® X-TRAC® sole provides addi­tional grip and is parti­cularly effective in fast, dynamic situations. Active missions with rapid changes of direction are no problem and the inte­grated PU toe protection faci­litates climbing over obstacles easier.

The ZEPHYR GTX WORK product range in its HIGH-, MID- and LOW-cut versions are certified as safety footwear under EN ISO 20345:2022. With this addition to the ZEPHYR family, LOWA ushers in a new era of safety and provides a reliable partner for everyday profes­sional use.

All shaft heights are available in EU shoe sizes 39 to 48, with a weight of 1390 grams per pair in the MID version (EU 42 / UK 8).

The HIGH version will be available at an RRP of 220,00€, the MID version at an RRP of 200,00€ and the LOW version at an RRP of 180,00€.

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LOWA ZICON® GTX: Slender design with a broad range

On the job, no two days are the same. Every situation requires maximum concen­tration but there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about: the LOWA ZICON® GTX series shoes are reliable, versatile companions in everyday working life.

The newly designed shoe made from high-quality black smooth leather not only looks dynamic, but also behaves accor­dingly. There is more to the shoe than its discreet and slender appearance. The slip resistant LOWA® COVERT sole in combi­nation with the cushioning LOWA® DYNAPU® midsole enable fast movements while guaran­teeing maximum comfort. To further enhance the latter, the occu­pa­tional shoe can be indi­vi­dually adapted to the foot with the option of an ortho­paedic insole. The LOW-cut model convinces with its light­weight feel and maximum freedom of movement, while the HI- and MID-cut versions offer support in the ankle area. To provide perfect support for women’s feet, the specially optimized Ws models in the series are manu­factured using an adapted women’s last.

The combi­nation of upper material, lining and sole provides all-round protection from the envi­ronment. The robust full-grain leather treated with RAYFLECT tech­nology reflects sunrays and therefore prevents the shoe from heating up, which is a particular advantage when working outdoors. In addition, the GORE-TEX membrane reliably keeps out moisture from the shoe, yet allows dampness to escape from the inside thanks to its brea­thable properties. The abrasion-resistant outsole also is resistant to oil and fuel and protects the foot from underneath. The LOWA ZICON® GTX is certified ESD-compliant and not only protects the wearer but also valuable tech­nology from elec­tro­static discharges.

All in all, the LOWA ZICON® GTX is a versatile and visually incons­picuous profes­sional shoe for indoor and outdoor use. It’s available with variable shaft heights as HI-, MID- and LOW-cut versions to suit a wide range of appli­cations as well as a fit-optimized women’s version. It is certified as occu­pa­tional footwear under EN ISO 20347:2022, which makes it the ideal companion for police and security forces, both for long days on your feet and for active situations.

All shaft heights are available in UK shoe sizes 6 ½ to 13, as well as 14 and 15, with a weight of 1390 grams per pair in the MID version (UK 8).

The HIGH version will be available at an RRP of 220,00€, the MID version at an RRP of 200,00€ and the LOW version at an RRP of 180,00€.

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FORTUX: Your athletic partner

Ultra-long distances, maximum speed: the FORTUX and the corres­ponding specially fit-optimized women‘s version FORTUX Ws pack trail running performance into a discreet mono­chrome look.

Specially designed for long distances, the feel remains the same mile after mile. The inno­vative LOWA® TRAC® sole system consists of an outsole made of grippy rubber and the charac­te­ristic LOWA® DYNEVA® midsole with a high rebound effect. This allows you to get the most out of your performance even on rough or wet surfaces. The slightly curved rocker construction also ensures optimum roll-over of the foot.

Pressure points don‘t stand a chance thanks to the sophis­ticated design. The upper is made in one piece without unne­cessary seams to prevent sore spots over long distances. The light­weight, seamless tongue construction also offers a unique blend of comfort and brea­tha­bility. The padding under the heel ensures a comfortable fit.

The FORTUX is predestined for the long-haul. The REPTEX® SPORT upper material with PU coating makes the shoe signi­fi­cantly more durable, creating a reliable partner for training and leisure acti­vities.

The FORTUX is designed for leisure use and is not certified for use as occu­pa­tional or safety footwear.

The shoe is available in UK shoe sizes 3 ½ to 12, as well as 13, with a weight of 630 grams per pair in the MID version (UK 8).

The FORTUX will be available at an RRP of 160,00€.

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Our high­lightflyer gives you a complete overview of the LOWA ZEPHYR GTX WORK, LOWA ZICON® GTX and LOWA FORTUX, the respective size and colour rages as well as the tech­no­logies.